What Makes A Good Tennis Player? A Worth-Reading Guide

what makes a good tennis player?

This is a question that has been debated for decades. Some say it’s all about the serve and volley, while others argue that you need to be able to return shots from your opponent. What do you think makes a good tennis player? 

Every tennis player has a different story. Whether they were born with the talent or honed it through years of practice, there are many things that makeup what makes a good tennis player. Tennis is one of those sports where there is no such thing as an “average” athlete and every person has their own special skill set. 

It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses when playing against someone who might be better than you at something like serving or returning, but it doesn’t matter which side of the net you’re on if you’re confident in yourself and your abilities.

What makes a good tennis player? That’s the question I’ll try to answer in this post. As someone who has played tennis for more than 10 years, I have seen some of the best players in action and have had my fair share of experience on the court myself. 

What makes a good tennis player? Quick Answer

It’s one of the most popular sports in the world and has been for decades. It is a sport that can be played by people of any age, but with varying skill levels. Tennis players are not all created equal though – there are some things that make players better than others.

What makes a player stand from the rest is not the speed of their serve or how many balls they can hit back. The answer is in their brain! Tennis players who are able to anticipate what will happen next, and use the best strategy for the situation, are more likely to win. 

There are many factors at play when deciding what makes one better than another, however, there is no correct answer because every player has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, some players may have an amazing backhand but lack in speed on the court which would make them less successful in comparison to someone who was quick on their feet but lacked power behind their serves or volleys. 

Many people debate this topic because they want to know how they can improve themselves as tennis player and become more competitive in tournaments.

What makes an elite tennis player?

What makes an elite tennis player?

You may be familiar with the name Novak Djokovic. He’s a Serbian tennis player and has won many of the previous decade tournaments, including eight Australian Opens. But what makes him so special? How does he compare to other elite players like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer? I’m sure you want to know what makes an elite tennis player like him, so let me tell you one substantial thing that is observable in his character.

It is very difficult to pinpoint what makes an elite tennis player. There are many different types of players with different skills and strengths.

We all know that some players are better than others. But what is it that makes them so good? Is it their physical fitness, the way they hold themselves on court? The answer is none of these things. There are many reasons for this discrepancy in skill level, but the number one thing that separates an elite player from a mediocre player is mental toughness. Mental toughness can be defined as an individual’s ability to persevere and maintain focus during times of intense pressure or adversity without showing signs of distress or breaking down emotionally.

It takes a lot of willpower and determination for someone to succeed in any sport, but it takes even more when that person has to battle against themselves.

So which personality traits are the most important for tennis players?

Some of the most successful tennis players in history have been those who were not only extremely talented but also gritty, determined and focused on their craft. 

Tennis can be a very long game with many obstacles along your journey to success; however it’s important that you’re equipped enough both physically (with fitness) mentally like-mindedness which will help keep any stress or pressure at bay when things get tough.

What are the personality requirements of a tennis player?

The ability to adapt

Youth tennis coaches emphasize the importance of adaptability in youth players. The game is always changing, and top level stars are able to quickly adjust their strategies accordingly with every new situation that arises during play.


In any sport, there are those that play with a never-ending drive and desire for improvement. These players take everything seriously; from training sessions to matches on the field of competition – they’ll do whatever it takes in order succeed at all levels!

Competitive tennis enthusiasts can be determined when it comes down their game as well because these ones have an intense need win no matter what stands between them or where someone else may stand against you within your own partner (whether playing alone).

Hard working

The need to improve is vital for anyone who wants to be considered one of the world’s best. And improvement does not happen overnight! It takes months, years of training and effort both on an off the court.


Confidence is vital in all sports, and it’s no different with tennis. Knowing that you are capable of defeating your opponent will give you the drive to go out there and do what’s necessary to win.

The previous factors are not the only qualities one should possess if they want to be defined as an elite tennis competitor although these are the most imperative ones.

Mental Thoughness

A very important section is about mental toughness. Mental toughness is defined as the ability to persevere and maintain focus during times of intense pressure or adversity without showing signs of distress or breaking down emotionally. It takes a lot of willpower and determination for someone to succeed in any sport, but it takes even more when that person has to battle against themselves.


Discipline is the word that runs through both worlds. A tennis player that has it all together is someone who does not resort to destructive behaviors such as drinking and smoking (although most players love spending time after a match at a pub with buddies).


As mentioned before, tennis is a very long game with many obstacles along your journey to success. Being resilient means that you bounce back after every setback and keep on fighting for what you want.

Willingness to learn

Top level stars know when it’s time to learn and improve. They don’t let their ego get in the way, they are willing to listen to others even if they have more experience than them.


Tennis is a very tough sport that doesn’t allow for a lone ranger. Team players, especially in doubles matches, are considered to be more successful in the long run.

What interests should a tennis player have?

Few sports are as all-encompassing as tennis. Whether you’re playing for leisure or competing in tournaments, the game requires athleticism, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. But what other interests should a player have to help improve their game?

Working Out

A rigorous workout schedule is definitely a must if you want to be one of the best. Players need clear and healthy minds in order to make quick decisions during critical points of the match, and an irregular exercise routine can bring about unwanted stress and anxiety.


A run (or several runs) during the week is a great way to prepare yourself for game day. It’s an active way to work out and it also helps you clear your head after a long week of training.

Running increases your fitness and endurance levels which are required in a game like tennis which is often destined to run for long hours.

Watching A Lot Of Tennis

The best way to learn a few things about the game is by studying your role models and watching how they play. It’s never a bad idea to find an idol (or two) that you respect and try learning as many things as possible from them.

What are the qualities of a good tennis player?

In the last several years, tennis has been steadily growing in popularity. What are some of the qualities that make a good tennis player? There is a lot to consider when it comes to being a successful player, but here are some things you should try and work on:

Good Body Language

Good body language is one of the main qualities that make a good tennis player. It’s important to maintain composure and control throughout your game, regardless if you are winning or losing. If you have an opponent who has better skills than you do, don’t let their power intimidate you- just focus on playing your best with confidence. 

A confident attitude will help improve your chances of winning too. Remember that self-confidence is key in any sport no matter how challenging it may be.

Versatility in shots

The best tennis players know how to utilize a variety of shots and maintain their balance. They can hit the ball with power, but also delicately touch it back to their opponent for an easy return shot. They’re able to hit forehands, backhands and volleys with ease. It’s this versatility that separates them from their competition on the court. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning, start practicing all the basic strokes so you’ll be ready when an opportunity arises. 

He has the ability to change his strategy based on what he sees in front of him. This versatility allows for a good tennis player to be unpredictable and keep opponents guessing at every turn.

If you want to beat your opponent, it’s important that they don’t know what you are going to do next. This is why versatility is such a valuable trait in today’s game. 

Has The Battle Spirit

A good tennis player has the qualities of being determined, competitive, and always striving for improvement. These are just a few of the attributes that drive success on the court.

If you want to be successful in your game – don’t wait until it’s too late! Start practicing now with drills like Battle Ball because they will help build these important skills into your playing style. 

Once you’ve developed the necessary skillset, all that remains is putting them into action by getting out there and doing what needs to be done. Play hard and play smart.

Knows His Serves

A good tennis player knows how to properly execute serves. If you want to be successful, it’s important that you understand the ins and outs of all the different types of serves available on the court. It takes practice and a lot of hard work, but if you’re ready to take your game up a notch then it’s time for you to get serious about serving.

Great Volleys

There’s nothing more exciting than watching an experienced tennis player make a great volley. These shots are useful for breaking up your opponent’s rhythm, and they can be used to catch opponents off guard as well.

When playing against an opponent who is better than you are at volleys, you need to stay focused on the game. Try to use volley play to your advantage by making them come to the net more often.

Most players aren’t used to being forced into playing at the net so it could give you an advantage if you can force them there. With enough practice and training, you’ll be able to pull off some of the best volleys in no time at all.

Solid Backhand

A good tennis player has a solid backhand so they can use it as an offensive and defensive weapon. If your opponent ever tries to attack you by going for your backhand side, then you should be prepared with a strong one of your own.

Solid Forehand

The forehand is the necessity of every tennis player.  It’s the most important shot in tennis so you need to have a strong one of your own. If you want to win more games, then it’s time to go back to some simple drills on your forehand. Mastering the forehand is a huge part of any player’s success.

Having more than one strong shot will help you win games and get ahead of your opponent more often. At the end of the day, it’s important that you can control all areas of the court so you’ll be ready when an opportunity arises.

Returning Well

The second most important part in tennis is returning.  If you can keep your opponent off balance by returning well, then it will be easier for you to take over the game.

Being able to return serves is absolutely essential if you want to win more matches so it’s time to pick up some tips and tricks that will help improve this area of your game.

Being able to read the opponent and anticipate and return accordingly will make it easier for you to get into a rhythm and keep your opponent guessing.

You can prevent them from taking control of the game by returning well, which means that it’s important to focus on this area of your game if you want to win more often.


The cornerstone of every sportsman is consistency. They don’t just have one or two shots that they can rely on to win games, but they instead have a variety of different ones that they can use to their advantage.

If you want to take your game to another level, then it’s important for you to work on being more consistent so you’ll always have one more shot than your opponent.

Every player has their own unique playing style which includes the shots that they make use of the most, but tennis players should always have a wide range of different kinds of shots in their arsenal to keep opponents from figuring them out too quickly.

Solid Footwork

No matter how many shots you have in your arsenal, nothing will be able to help you if you don’t have good footwork. The ability to move around the court quickly and get into position for shots is absolutely essential.

It takes a lot of practicing and drills, but with enough focus and motivation, then it’s possible for anyone to get their footwork under control and master it.

Learning From Mistakes

No one is perfect and even the best players in the world will sometimes make mistakes. The most successful tennis players learn from their mistakes and use them as a stepping stone to bounce back.

If you can turn your mistakes into learning experiences, then it’ll be much easier for you to improve your game over time.

Risk Assessment And Good Risk Management

The best tennis players are also able to manage risks well. They get into the right position after every shot so they have a better chance of making another one.

If you can get into position more often, then it will make it easier for you to keep pressure on your opponent and your game will improve in no time at all.


Above all else, tennis is a game that requires creativity. You don’t just have to use the same shots in every situation you face, but instead, you should try out different ones and see what works best.

If your opponent can predict your shot pattern too easily, then they’ll be able to return everything with ease so you need to stay one step ahead of them.

Being more creative will give you the upper hand in each match so it’s important for you to try out new things and perfect old shots.

You don’t have to change your game completely, but developing some creativity will help you improve your game over time.

Good vision and reflexes

You have to be able to see the ball come towards you and then move quickly enough so that it won’t hit you.

It can take a lot of practice, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, then it’s possible for anyone to improve their vision and reflexes so they have an easier time playing tennis.

A Good Tennis Player Is Versatile 

The top players in the world are able to play different kinds of games and win. They’re not stuck playing a specific way and because of that, they can change up their game as time goes on so they won’t be overwhelmed by opponents too easily.

If you want to give yourself an edge over your opponent, then it’s important for you to be versatile and change your strategy as matches go on.

A Good Tennis Player Has Good Body Language 

Whether you win or lose, the way you carry yourself matters. Exhibiting good body language shows that you’re confident in your abilities and are eager for more challenges.

Players who don’t give up when they make mistakes tend to do better overall because of their positive mental attitude. If you want to be a great tennis player in the future, then it’s important for you to keep a positive attitude and focus on what you can do in order to become better than who you are right now.

A Good Tennis Player Has The Battle Spirit

No matter what the score is, every point matters. Players who understand this will be much harder to beat because they won’t give up when things get too tough.

There’s a fine line between being overconfident and believing in your abilities, but with enough practice and time, then you’ll find it easier to walk that line effectively.

How can I tell if I have a tennis talent?

Everybody has a different playing style, some players are better at hitting the ball hard while others prefer to carefully place their shots.

There really is no telling who will be champion on any given day since everyone’s playing style is unique to themselves.

Who would’ve thought that Roger Federer would become a Grand Slam champion? He’s not a big guy by any means, but he has the natural ability to turn his racquet into a deadly weapon. And now he has 20 grand slam trophies to show for it!

The biggest indicator of having a tennis talent is if you enjoy playing the sport and have enough financial support. If you don’t like tennis or aren’t able to play as often as you’d like, then it may be a good idea for you to retire from the sport.

If your goal is to become a professional tennis player, you need to enjoy doing what it takes in order to be successful at the game.

It’s not going to be easy and if winning isn’t important enough for you to put in the effort, then you should consider giving up on your dream.

It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices to be a champion at the sport, but if you’re putting in 100% from day one then there’s no doubt that success will follow.

Having natural talent is great for someone who doesn’t have much time on their hands to practice and train, but in time they’ll be able to develop these qualities with the help of a good coach.

If you don’t have enough money for lessons or if your schedule doesn’t allow time for them, then it’s best that you stick to playing recreationally without worrying about developing any specific skillsets.

By assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your skills can be done by understanding the type of game you’re playing.

If you are playing in singles then you need to focus on developing fundamentals that help increase your power, speed, strength, precision, and execution of shots. For doubles players, it is necessary to hone in the ability to anticipate the movements of other players on the court.

What are the qualities of a good tennis player? 

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind if you want to become one of the top tennis players around. While it’s important to have natural talent, there is so much more that goes into being a good player on the court.

In order for your playing abilities to be as high as they possibly can, you need to be in good physical condition. Adding to that,  you can’t expect to improve your game if you don’t have a solid mental state.

Holding yourself together on the court is difficult for others, but it’s just as challenging for yourself. If you are able to do that every time without fail then you’ll be able to reach new heights with your tennis play. Finally, a good technique is needed in order to move on and be the best. If you’re not able to properly hold your racquet then it will be difficult for you to get a good shot off while playing.

What makes an elite tennis player? 

In other words, what makes a top tennis player? As a successful tennis player, you need to have good coordination and endurance in order for your body’s muscles to be able to adjust quickly when playing different shots.

This will help keep up with long matches due to the fact that it takes energy from both physical strengths as well agility or sharp reflexes- all of which are important ingredients during playtime.

Also,  it’s very beneficial if you’re able to control your emotions. Being an elite tennis player means that you are expected to always be composed on the court regardless of the situation at hand, but unfortunately, people are not perfect!

So it’s important that no matter what happens on or off the court, you’ll need to hold yourself together and make sure that your emotions don’t get the best of you when playing.

One other quality that is needed when you’re trying to become a top player in the game of tennis is taking responsibility for your actions. If there’s something that you don’t feel like you’ve done, then it’s important that you give 110% so that way it won’t happen again.

How do elite tennis players train?  

If you want to be an elite tennis player, then you need to put in the effort to train yourself. If you aren’t worried about winning at the game and just care about having fun while playing it out, then there’s no harm in simply enjoying yourself.

But if you do have dreams of becoming the best there is when it comes to the game then you need to do some work outside of just playing.

When it comes to training, you want to be doing stretches and exercises that will help your endurance. You need mental training and often hire a personal mental trainer for yourself.

Top-class players always attain a wide toolbox at their disposal from their serving ability to their footwork,  and this is all achieved through hours of training and practice.

You need to acknowledge every single bit of challenge that is holding you back and work on it, so it won’t subtract the chances of you succeeding on the court in real-time.

Top level tennis players also do intensive cardiovascular and endurance training to keep themselves in peak physical condition.

Is tennis an elite sport?   

Tennis is a worldwide sport that is played by millions of people around the world. While many different people play the sport, only a small amount of them reach elite status in their craft. If you truly want to become one of these elite players then training yourself and playing tournaments will definitely give you the opportunity to get there.

How do you know if you are a good tennis player? 

Well, the truth is quality in sports is measured in wins.  Being able to win consecutively means you are on the right path to becoming an elite tennis player. Of course, if your technique is strong and you have endurance, then you will most likely be more successful in winning against your opponents.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know what makes a good tennis player, the answer is simple. They have more of everything – from muscle mass and mental toughness to hand-eye coordination and stamina. This doesn’t mean that every great athlete has all these qualities in equal measure but they will display some of them better than others. In other words, no one can be perfect at everything so it’s important for an aspiring tennis player to figure out which skills suit him or her best before investing too much time on those aspects with less potential payoff.

But if you’re already doing well in one or more of these categories, congratulations! Keep up the good work! Which area do you need help with?

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