when to start playing tennis

When To Start Playing Tennis?

When The Pros Started Playing Tennis

When did Federer start playing tennis?

Federer started playing tennis at age 8 and then won the Wimbledon junior singles championship when he was 14.

When did Serena start playing tennis?

Following her older sister, Venus, Serena started playing tennis at 3 years of age. And the rest is history, turning professional at 14 years old.

When did Nadal start playing tennis?

Nadal also has started playing tennis with his uncle Toni at the age of 3, turning pro at 15 and winning his first grand slam at 16.

When did Djokovic start playing tennis?

Djokovic was 4 years old when he first started playing tennis, and his parents invested in various academies abroad for him, leading to his success.

When did Osaka start playing tennis?

As Osaka and her parents have moved to New York, she and her sister have started playing tennis at 3 years of age.

When did Tsitsipas start playing tennis?

Tsisipas first picked up a racquet when he was 4 years old, leading to his number 1 ranking as a junior, and an upcoming star these days.

When did Sharapova start playing tennis?

Maria has also started playing tennis at a very young age, just 4 years old. Consistently growing in height and becoming a prominent player in women’s tennis history.

Learn the Types of tennis balls for children

The pros of using tennis balls for an infant include the fact that they’re designed for little ones. The unique aspect of these balls is that they are made of a variety of colors and materials, giving them diverse benefits.

  1. Foam tennis balls, beginners use these balls. They are marginally bigger and 75% slower than normal tennis balls.
  2. Red tennis balls, The balls in this type are also bigger than the conventional yellow tennis ball. They’re a bit more alike real tennis balls.
  3. Orange tennis balls, these are equivalent in size to regular tennis balls, however they are 50% less powerful and pressurized.
  4. Green tennis balls, after training with red and orange balls, you can proceed to these green ones. These are almost identical in power to a conventional ball. Although 10% less powerful.
  5. Regular tennis balls, usually when your child starts using a full sized racquet he can start using those. These balls are heavier, and have to require better technique and hitting at the right spot on the strings.
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5 Best Tips for Children Learning Tennis

  1. Memorize the rules of the game

With so many new things to learn, it can be hard for kids to keep up with all of the tennis rules. But don’t let this discourage you! The key is practice and understanding that mistakes are inevitable – but learning from them will make you a better player in the end.

Let your child be familiar with the scoring system in tennis, with the borders of the tennis court and how to win a game, from 0, through 30 up to 40 and to win a game. He should be as familiar as possible with the rules of the sport.

  1. Teach them to think on the court

Children’s brains are still developing, which is why it’s important to keep them engaged in different activities that stimulate their minds.

Let your child handle some strategic thinking around the court, try to make him think where to land balls, ask him questions about where it is best to strike a ball in some situations.

Some ideas:

  1. Covering up weaknesses by playing aggressively on their strong side or working with them defensively when they’re weak.  
  2. Encourage them to predict where an opponent will hit the ball before it’s too late.  
  3. Teach them how to read opponents’ next steps based off what they did last time 

3. Teach them patience

Tennis is a sport that requires patience and dedication. If you’re looking to get better quickly, it’s important not to over-exaggerate your movements which can lead to injury.

Tennis Singles Strategy 

You may be thinking that it’s not possible to become a professional tennis player overnight, but if you want the best advice on how to start and keep playing tennis in the long-term, anyone can succeed.

Achieving excellence in tennis is a long journey. And you will need to learn how to accept that it may take years of practice before obtaining any success on the court.

  1. Learn to move correctly

The most important thing at the beginning is to continuously increase your feel for the ball. Get a feel for what you’re doing without having someone there with you, and then work on increasing that feeling by practicing more once you have it down. 

Make sure to teach them how to move their body like they are dancing so they can be ready when they need to make an unpredictable movement!

ork on mastering forehand, backhand, and serve techniques early on so that they become second nature later on down the road. And remember one final tip – teach them not only how to use their body, but also how to develop their own style of play.

What do my child needs to start playing tennis?

Here’s a lsit of what you or your child will need for tennis:

  1. tennis shoes
  2. Tennis bag
  3. Tennis shorts
  4. Tennis shirts
  5. Tennis socks
  6. If necessary, cap, sweatband and other accessories

1. A tennis racquet

The first piece of equipment in order to start playing tennis would be of course, a tennis racquet.

Children’s tennis rackets are designed with their height in mind. If you have a taller or shorter child, it is important to know the specific dimensions of each racket so that your child can find one they will enjoy playing with and feel comfortable using. This way, they won’t be discouraged from continuing to play because of an unsuitable racquet.

AgeHeightRacquet lengthHead size
Up to 3 years old80 centimeters and below17 inchesUp to 80 sq inches
3-4 years old80-100 centimeters19 inchesUp to 80 sq inches
4-5 years old100-110 centimeters21 inchesUp to 90 sq inches
5-6 years old110-125 centimeters23 inchesUp to 100 sq inches
7-8 years old125-140 centimeters25 inchesUp to 100 sq inches
8-11 years old140-146 centimeters26-26.5 inchesUp to 110 sq inches
Adult146+ centimeters27 inches and upUp to 115 sq inches

The main parameters of which you would pick your racquet are your child’s age, height and arm length. All these different factors need to be considered when picking out the best tennis racket for your little one!

Shortest Tennis Players

You may also want to consider how much control your children need on their shots – do they prefer power over accuracy? 

A stiffer frame would suit them better than a flexible one for this purpose. Your kids’ coach should be able to recommend what type of frame suits best based on his or her experience coaching other children who are around the same age as yours!

2. A pair of tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are an important part of the tennis experience. Make sure you buy two pairs and make sure they fit properly, or your child will be uncomfortable on the court! 

While some people have a favorite type of shoe for both indoor and outdoor use, it is not recommended that children do so as well. It’s best to find a pair that fits comfortably for each situation separately.

Make sure the size is right, that your child will be comfortable wearing them. Make sure it’s not too small or else you may find your child with blisters by day’s end! Also ensure that you’re giving him shoes with a chance to enjoy his game while he’s playing it.

3. A set of tennis balls

The best way to get started with tennis is by buying a few cans of balls so you have something to practice with. If you don’t have access to any clubs or courts, then it is better that you buy your own set of balls and court time for when the opportunity arises.

You should recognize the different types of tennis balls; there are low pressured balls in a few colors, that are meant to be played for children, for different ranges on the court.

If this isn’t possible for you at the moment, we recommend picking up some low-pressure tennis balls that can be played on any range of the court. They come in different colors and they’re made especially for children. You may not know what type of ball your kid likes best yet, but these will work as a good starting point if nothing else!

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Tennis Lessons For Kids

Before taking lessons, If you want to know if your child is interested in tennis, they can try it out for themselves. Whether you need a court rental or not, renting one hour of time will give them the chance to see what this sport has to offer. They may find that they like playing without balls too! 

What is the price of a tennis lesson for children? If you’re looking for a great way to get your child in shape and help him progress in tennis, tennis lessons may be a perfect choice. At most clubs, these classes are around $30 per session, while there’s variance, prices start from 15 dollars up to 60 dollars per lesson.

It’s easy to get started playing tennis, but figuring out the cost of lessons can be a little tricky. For this reason, it’s best to inquire about what is included in these costs during your trial training session at the club. They may include court rental and indoor courts for an extra fee depending on which one you choose.

How often should you practice?

The more you learn about the best techniques, the better your game will be. Tennis is a sport that can take time to master but it’s worth it! Â If you decide to start playing tennis at any age, there are always ways for support and guidance with learning these new skills.

In the end, you have to take responsibility for progressing at your tennis journey. You can’t rely on a coach or anyone else to do it for you. It’s up to you and only those who are willing to make themselves better will reap the rewards of their efforts. Tennis is a lot like any other sport in that way!

Tennis is a very technical sport. A clean execution of the necessary movement sequences is not only important for your game but also to ensure that you do not endanger your health in the long term. It’s more important to take time and advice about learning the right technique.

Unforced vs Forced Errors in Tennis

It is recommended that you practice at least 1-2 times a week, for 2 hours per session. If you are serious about leveling up in your tennis skills, it may be worth investing 4 hours every day practicing the sport.

If you are interested in improving your tennis game, practicing more is the best way to do it. Whether you want to play for fun or become a professional player, the most important thing is that you practice as much as possible. You can learn faster by increasing your frequency of playing and investing time into each session.

You can start playing tennis at any age, but it may be easier when younger because then movements would become second nature at older age.

How often should your child practice?

With the right balance of practice and other activities, your child can find success in tennis. The key is to set a schedule that works for them – one where they are practicing enough but not too much! What’s your scheduling like? Does school interfere too much in his way?

The amount of time it takes to reach an acceptable level depends on the individual case. Your progress is determined by individual talent and, in particular, the frequency of training. 

The next time you’re wondering how often your child should practice, consider the amount of time that pros spend practicing. If they train for at least 1-2 times a week and gradually work their way up to 5 in order to compete in tournaments, then it’s best for children too to follow the same pattern – training between 3-5 days a week in after school hours.

In addition to balancing out sports practices with other aspects of life such as homework, family activities or even chores around the house can help kids stay happy and healthy while still being competitive.

Tennis Advantages For Children

Tennis is a great sport for kids to get in on. You may have heard that it’s the best sport because of how good it feels when you play, but there are also some other benefits to playing tennis. When your child becomes a tennis player, they are developing skills that will make them more successful in their everyday lives.

Different Types of Tennis Rackets

Playing tennis can be one of the best things for your child’s mental and physical well-being. It offers a lot of benefits, both now and in the future.

If you want to take advantage of these skills or just play with someone who is good at it, then go ahead and enroll them in some classes today! Tennis would be an amazing sport to keep up with as they grow older because it improves coordination between muscles and the brain which will help improve their ability to learn new tasks later on down the line.

It can be a fun way to make friends and stay fit, all at the same time!

Playing tennis is a great way to introduce the competitive spirit and mental toughness needed for success in any field. It can teach kids how to handle challenges, overcome obstacles, and be disciplined enough to work hard at something they enjoy.

The best part? Kids learn these skills during their most formative years when it’s easier to develop good habits that will last them a lifetime.  So if you have one of those little ones on your list this year who has been asking for lessons or gear, make sure you get them some!

If you’re looking for a sport that teaches your child to be resilient, mentally strong, and have the ability to overcome challenges then tennis may be just what you are looking for.

Where can children learn tennis?

Teaching your child tennis alone

One of the options your can choose for yourself as a parent for a child that have aspirations for becoming a tennis player, is to help him lay the foundations at early age. You should try and make him familiar with the basics of the sport and how a tennis court looks like, and the get the feeling of a tennis racquet. 

There’s no need to worry about complicated grips or techniques when they’re 3-5 years old. Just get them introduced & comfortable around it! All of this job can be done alone by you.

Learning in tennis clubs

Tennis clubs offer a variety of tennis lessons for children. They can be found on the club’s website or by asking friends about their experiences with that particular training program. In addition to finding out more information, it is also recommended to take your child along on an introductory course so you know what kind of trainer and practice area they’ll have access too. Training sessions last 45-60 minutes long depending on which club you choose!

Can I Play Tennis Even If I Am Old?

Hiring a private coach

Tennis is an expensive sport, especially when you add up the costs of private lessons. This might seem like a luxury for people who have lots of money to spend and invest in their children’s futures – but it would be well worth your while if you truly want them to get better at tennis! 

If you truely want to invest in your children into learning tennis, there is no better option than having a private coach. 

As opposed to learning in a group at the tennis club, a private coach would dedicate all of his attention to your child, and learn every detail about him. In club lessons, it’s hard for them to receive individualized instruction because there might be too many students trying to play on courts at once or only one court available per student when multiple groups meet up simultaneously.

He can get familiar with every aspect of your child, helping him to pave his way into the sport and getting better with each year that passes.

Tennis summer camps

Does your child enjoy playing tennis? If so, there are many ways they can improve their skills and have fun with this sport. Tennis camps may be a great option for kids between the ages of 5 and 15 who want to learn more about tennis or just need some extra help honing in on their skills. 

Many clubs offer these types of summer programs, which will give children plenty of time to play and socialize while also improving their game! Camps provide an opportunity for both beginners and advanced players to work out different techniques that suit them best as well as get feedback from experienced instructors.

What is important when starting to play tennis?

In the end, it is important for you to remember that there are many aspects of physical fitness needed in order to play tennis. You need endurance training and strength exercises as well as flexibility exercises. This will help keep you injury-free while also ensuring a proper performance every time. What does physical fitness mean for you? Have you been neglecting any aspect of your exercise routine? Be on track of that.

Tennis Serve Consistency – Technique, Drills & Fundamentals!

When is it too late to start playing tennis?

In the pursuit of a professional tennis career, it is important to start as soon as possible. The more competitive experience you have under your belt, the better your chances will be for success in future tournaments and leagues. For those that are 16 or older but still want to pursue a pro-tennis career, it might be too late. 

However, if you wish to play tennis in local venues and in the club level, there is absolutely no limit of age to when you can start, and it’s never too late. You can start playing at 30 years of age and still participate in fun local competitions with prize money also.

Is it too late to start playing tennis at 20?

20 years old is too much of an age to start playing tennis with competitive aspirations, you can compete in local competitions, however.

is 12 too late to start tennis?

12 years old is not always too late to start tennis, you or your child can even become a professional depending on how hard they train. In tennis skill is determined usually by who has more experience on the court. And by any means, 12 is a great age to start playing tennis as a hobby and as a secondary sport.

Can you still learn tennis at 40?

The time to start playing tennis varies depending on the person, but support can be obtained. You can play tennis at any age; it just may take longer for you to learn the sequences of movements if you’re older.

When to start playing tennis competitively?

How old does your child need to be in order to start playing tennis competitively? If you’re trying to determine when is the best time for them, look no further. 

It’s important that they engage with their local club tournament level from the age of 8 before moving up into professional tournaments so that they can get a sense of what it will be like at a higher level and learn from those who have been there before.

What Do You Need To Play Tennis? A List of Tennis Equipment for Beginners

At what age should a child start playing tennis? The right and best age to start playing competitively is around 12 years old, you should start investing in a competitive experience for your kid, so when he becomes 18 or approaches an age to switch for ATP tournaments, he would become experienced enough.

If you are thinking about starting tennis with your child now or soon-to-be teen, it’s important that they get plenty of time on court early on as well as instruction from professionals who can help teach them the game properly.

When to start playing tennis in order to become a professional?

The takeaway here is that there are no strict rules when it comes to starting tennis, but the earlier you start training your child or yourself in this sport, the better.

When you want your child to play competitively, or alternatively, you yourself wish to become a tennis professional one day, you already should acknowledge that time is invaluable asset in an athlete’s life. While Djokovic started playing around 3 years of age, there are players that started playing seriously ages of up to 11 years old like Stan Wawrinka.

So, when should you start playing tennis to be competitive? The best time to start playing tennis in order to become competitive is between 3-6 years old, and up to 11 years old. This will give you a fighting chance at being competitive in the future with other players who have been practicing since they were very young. Beyond this age range, it would be difficult for anyone to catch up because of how much older everyone else will be from all their experience on the court.

So, when should you start playing tennis to be competitive? The answer is that you should start between 3-6 years of age, and up to 11 years old. Any age beyond would just be too much to catch up with other players at the tennis space, and would require remarkable talent to rise above the fierce competition that is already built up.

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If you think that your child has talent beyond what we’ve mentioned here, he could be an exception.

What is the best age to start playing tennis?

There is no specific figure that relates to when you should start playing tennis, unless you have some goal in your mind. If you intend to start playing tennis for fun, and don’t mind the competition level of your opponents, then there’s nothing stopping from starting at any point in life. You should just start playing, in whatever age your are, because tennis is a sport for all ages.

However, if you have competitive aspirations you should acknowledge that it takes consistent and deliberate practice in order to become a quality professional tennis player, and it is better to start playing at earlier ages.

The best age to start playing tennis is around 3-4 years old, that’s the age Novak djokovic has started playing and many other renown players, you should get familiar with the sport from this age on, as it would give you an unparalleled advantage over anyone who starts later.

Anyone who starts playing tennis is confronted with numerous questions. Different paths lead to the goal. Both when choosing equipment and when choosing a tennis instructor or club, everyone should decide for themselves which path they ultimately want to take.

If you stay on the ball and are motivated, you will quickly find fun in tennis, because tennis has now become a popular sport.

Final Thoughts

Though you may see some three year olds running around on the tennis court, the best age to start playing tennis is around six or seven. At this age, children have developed the coordination and motor skills needed to swing a racket, but they are not yet burdened by the psychological pressure that comes with competition.

In addition, six- or seven- year olds are still relatively small, making it easier for them to generate the speed and power needed to play tennis effectively.

As children get older, they may become taller and heavier, making it more difficult to generate the same level of speed and power. As such, starting tennis at a young age can give players a significant advantage.

Physical Aspect: Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires good stamina, agility, and hand-eye coordination. If you start playing at a young age, you will have more time to develop these skills. However, starting later in life is not a disadvantage, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Everyone will improve at their own pace, regardless of their age.

Psychological Aspect: Tennis can be both mentally and emotionally challenging. It requires strategic thinking, split-second decision-making, and the ability to cope with disappointment and setbacks. 

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