Why Do Tennis Players Keep Balls In Their Pockets?

Why Do Tennis Players Keep Balls In Their Pockets?

Tennis players are obnoxious about their routines. As a result, they keep spare tennis balls in their pockets to avoid disrupting their training routine.

1. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you look at the players’ preparation moves. Djokovic bounces his ball erratically, Federer arranges his hair, Nadal tucks his shirt in, and so on. So it’s possible that keeping balls in their pockets is just a habit (which sometimes is superstitious). This exercise may be one of them because everything they do on the court is regular.

2. When it comes to tennis, there is a point where time calculates. So this may be just an issue of etiquette for individuals. They can immediately pick up the spare ball from their pocket and hit it if they fail to deliver their services.

It can save them time, and they won’t have to go back to the ball guy to get another ball. It may cause them to lose focus. They probably do that so they can focus entirely on the game and keep the additional ball in their pocket to save time between shots.

3 . Athletes, as previously noted, are very systematic. For international matches, ball boys are provided, but not for practice games. As a result, no one picks up the ball with them during practice, so they maintain an extra ball for training and save time. Keeping spare balls in the pocket is often merely a habit to get the workout flowing.

Why do Tennis Players keep balls in Their Pockets?

4. Remember that umps are only utilised on the court by professionals. However, habits form at a young age. Players must pick up the ball by themselves when practising or competing in small events. As a result, players develop the habit of carrying a spare ball in their pockets.

5. In my experience, players that constantly ask for the ball from others in the middle of a game tend to annoy the other player, which is not very professional. So they keep two extra balls in their pocket to keep things straight.

Is It Safe To Carry Tennis Balls In Your Pocket?

Some elite tennis players hit more than 80% of their first serves. It means that in four out of every five rallies, the game will continue with a ball in a non-dominant hand pocket. Isn’t it restricting your motions or preventing you from swinging your racket? It is a legitimate worry.

You could notice the ball is still in your pocket now and then, but not very often. Men’s shorts creates to give athletes the most comfort and range of motion possible. The slots are also deep and wide enough to hold several balls.

Hard Court And Clay Court Tennis Balls

Because skirts and dresses are tighter, women’s apparel has a slightly distinct appearance. The spare ball is frequently in direct touch with the body, which may cause discomfort.

Why Should You Not Carry an Extra Tennis Ball?

Although uncommon, you may have witnessed an extra stored tennis ball come off during a tennis match. It is distracting not just to the player but also to the opponent. A dropped ball during a game can result in the following issues.

1. A source of distraction

The time you need to use the extra ball, say after a fault serves, the ball is not there because it was additional. As a result, you will have to wait for another ball. Furthermore, you will not be able to choose the ball that will toss your way, and even if it is in poor condition, you will force to use it.

2. Injuries at Risk

Any garbage or balls should remove from the tennis court. If a player in high-speed motion steps on a fallen ball, the ball has a chance of falling and causing damage. You might trip and, in the worst-case situation, sustain sprains, preventing you from finishing the game.

  1. Sprained ankle
  2. Concussion
  3. Bruises
  4. Broken bones
  5. Injured joints

3. Point of Looseness

The first time the ball falls out of your pocket, you give a warning. There will be no deduction of points. If the ball falls out again, though, you will lose part of your hard-earned points. As a result, you must dress so that you can keep your ball safe during the game.

Used Tennis Ball Machines

4. Confusion

The ball creates a distraction as soon as it strikes the court. When your opponent detects the ball, whether he is receiving or ready to attack, his performance drops significantly. And it doesn’t matter because the point gets paused, so it’s just inconvenient for everyone, but it does happen.

Female Tennis Players’ Ball Keeping Techniques

A tennis player’s favourite piece of apparel is a dress. It can trace back to the sport’s infancy. What is the only flaw? Pockets are absent from dresses. Most female players get past this by tucking the ball under their dress’s spandex.

Men can do it, but pockets on shorts are usually simple. Some women find it difficult to acclimate to the idea at first, but the majority of them do. It doesn’t obstruct movement and maintains a reasonable level of security.

Another benefit of wearing spandex underneath a tennis skirt or dress is that designed to grip tennis balls. It will be nearly hard to lose the tennis balls while moving about with that extra layer of protection. There are, of course, rare situations when something unexpected occurs, but otherwise, players are free to behave as they like.

Other Ways to Carry Tennis Balls

If a person wants to keep their tennis ball apart from their pockets or spandex, they can use tennis ball waist clips. Women are most likely to wear this with skirts or dresses. The problem is that the ball is constantly exposed, making it harder for a player to hit some strokes.

Are Tennis Balls Safe For Your Dog?

The ball can tuck underneath spandex on the opposite arm or upper body. Most people avoid doing this because it could restrict their movement and overall play. Furthermore, players are less likely to wear spandex on their upper bodies unless it is severely cold outside.

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