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Wimbledon 2020

Tennis players haven’t seen the green of Wimbledon grass in a long time or the green of the money that comes with winning a round or two. The event will be canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a significant decline in total prize money this year.

When the back-line dust settles on the main event, the men’s and women’s victors will take home a nice, hefty cheque to bolster their respective bank balances. The Wimbledon Championships will resume in 2021, after being the only grand slam to be canceled last year because of the pandemic.


The Wimbledon Championships were previously solely open to amateurs. However, professional players were allowed to compete in 1968 when Rod Laver of Australia and Billie Jean King of the United States won the singles competitions.

Suzanne Lenglen of France was the first woman to win three Wimbledon titles in a single year (in singles and doubles tournaments) in 1920, and Don Budge of the United States was the first male to win three Wimbledon titles in a single year in 1937.

Prize Money

The first prize money gets given out in 1968 the first-year professional players get allowed to compete in the Championships. The total prize money was £26,150 at the time, with the men’s singles champion receiving £2,000 and the women’s singles champion receiving £750.

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The prize money has progressively climbed throughout the years, and in 2019, The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club boosted the prize money to £38 million, making Wimbledon one of the world’s wealthiest sporting events.

2021 Prize

Players will fight for a piece of a £35 million prize pool this year. Compared to the total prize money of £38 million in 2019, this is a decline of -7.85%. However, because this figure excludes the cost of player housing, which the AELTC will fund in 2021,

the total cost will be higher in actual terms than it was two years ago. Daily allowances (per diem expenses) are not included in the prize money total this year (£1,081,000 in 2019) but instead get combined with the hotel bills and other expenditures that got kept under wraps.

Prize Drop

Wimbledon prize money generally rises year after year. In 2021 it got reduced by 5.2 percent to account for coronavirus concerns, such as only being able to sell a restricted number of tickets for this year’s event and the costs of establishing a testing program.

The winner of the Men’s Singles final and the Ladies’ Singles final, on the other hand, will each receive £1.7 million. It’s a nice sum, but it’s a far cry from the £2.35 million rewards awarded in 2019. To put this in perspective, Novak Djokovic won the French Open at Roland Garros this year for 1.4 million Euros (about £1.2 million).

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Prize 2021

In terms of individual player remuneration, the 2021 Wimbledon champion will receive £1,700,000, a decrease of 27.66 percent from Novak Djokovic’s 2019 remuneration. The singles champions in men’s and women’s singles will take home slightly under $2.4 million ($2,399,520).

The overall winner prize money in 2019 was $2,954,247, a decrease of 27.6% from the total winner prize money in 2018. Wimbledon administrators have taken steps toward gender equality by removing marital status from the courts, introducing unisex towels for players, and providing equal prize money. The All England Club agreed in 2007 to make the prize money equal for men and women.


Winners of doubles receive $677,607, while the mixed double winners get $141,117. The runner-up will receive £900,000, a decline of 23.40 percent from the previous year. The early and middle rounds, on the other hand, defy the trend and see a tiny increase in prize money as the event refocuses its efforts on helping players who aren’t as well off financially.

First-round losers, for example, will receive £48,000 this year, up 6.67 percent from two years ago. Losers in qualifying get a salary raise and, with Q1 losers getting a pay raise of 21.43 percent to £8500.

Distribution For 2020

The closing exchange rate on the final day of the game in the year gets used for converting USD to Euro. Even though the Wimbledon Championships regrettably got canceled for 2020, the AELTC Pandemic Insurance provided £10 million in prize money to the 620 players who would have competed in the 2020 Championships.

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Players will get one payment, and the funds, which are the consequence of a cancellation insurance policy, will be distributed as follows:

  • The 256 participants in the singles main draw will each receive £25,000.
  • The 224 players in singles qualifying will each receive £12,500.
  • The total prize pool for the 120 players in the main draw doubles is £6,250.
  • The 16 players in the wheelchair events will each get £6,000.
  • In the quad wheelchair events, there is a prize pool of £5,000 for four players.

Wimbledon made a lovely gesture that has got praised by both players and spectators, but it’s worth mentioning that the insurance policy included this as part of the compensation terms.

So the AELTC did it for a reason other than altruism:D. Wimbledon deserves credit for purchasing pandemic insurance amid the SARS outbreak in 2003. Over 17 years, the AELTC has paid out £25.5 million and returned roughly £114 million, making it a very sound investment.

AELTC Chief Executive

“After The Championships got canceled, the AELTC personnel focused on how they might assist those working to make Wimbledon a reality.

These months of uncertainty have been incredibly worrying for these groups, particularly the players, many of whom have experienced financial hardship during this time and would have expected to receive prize money at Wimbledon based on their global ranking.

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They are now in a position to offer this payment as a reward for the hard work they have put in to raise their ranking to the point where they would have qualified for The Championships 2020 without competing in qualifying rounds.” The words from Richard Lewis CBE, AELTC Chief Executive.

The Winners

There have been some notable names in the history of Wimbledon. Let’s start with American Martina Navratilova, who won six consecutive women’s championships from 1982 to 1987, surpassing the record of Frenchwoman Suzanne Lenglen, who won every year from 1919 to 23. Navratilova broke Helen Wills’ record by winning her eighth singles title in 1990.

Pete Sampras of the United States, who won his eighth Wimbledon title in 2000, was a later noteworthy player at the tournament. During his career, Sampras won a total of 14 Grand Slams. Steffi Graf, a German lady who won seven Wimbledon singles titles between 1988 and 1996, would be the following Wimbledon legend.

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